Evercare Careers
It takes a special person to devote his or her career to hospice and palliative care. For them, it’s more than a career. It’s part of who they are.

If you have the passion and commitment to care for those facing end of life, or support those providing care, we invite you to share your unique passion and commitment with Optum Palliative and Hospice Care.

In one of our many important roles, you’ll join a unique team of professionals. Working together with the medical community, families and caregivers, you will be responsible for ensuring that every palliative or hospice patient is treated with the greatest respect and dignity. And as part of UnitedHealth Group, you will be helping to reshape health care to make it work better for everyone.

Visit our career page to learn more about career opportunities. We embrace and encourage a culture of diversity and inclusion. Learn more at our Corporate Diversity & Inclusion web site.

“Until you’ve worked in hospice you’ll never truly understand the rewards and the beauty. But if you have the heart and the strength to do this, you will understand. Do this and it will change your life forever.” 
- Elsie, Hospice CNA

“Although I have the autonomy to make decisions, I value the support and expertise of the entire hospice team. We work together to make patients feel comfortable and safe.”
- Megan, MD